Africa is the second largest continent in the world  with a surface area of 20.5 percent of the total land area. With  54 fully recognized independent states, and  nine (9) territories, Africa  has an estimated population of 1.4 billion, rich and endowed  with 65% of the world’s mineral  reserves ranging from  bauxite;  cobalt; diamonds;  phosphate rocks;  platinum-group metals (PGM);  vermiculite; and zirconium. Other minerals includes  aluminum; chromite ;  copper;  gold; iron ore; steel; lead (Pb); manganese ;zinc;  cement; natural diamond; graphite; phosphate rock 31; coal; mineral fuels (including coal) & petroleum; uranium, and other undiscovered minerals.

Despite the abundances of wealth, Africa remains one of the developing continents  in the world. As the demand for raw materials and energy  sources  such as natural gas, crude oil, and other,  the need to  promote  trade and technology transfer between American corporations and African governments and  entrepreneurs can not be over emphasized.  

Against the backdrop, the idea for the creation of the US-African Chamber of Commerce was born. Chief Mpaka Princewill, Chairman of US-African Chamber of Commerce  pioneered the idea,  and was enthusiastically  embraced by fellow entrepreneurs. Our goal is to promote  economic development in Africa by facilitating American business investments in Africa through technology transfer and fair trade based on  democratic values and human rights. Click here to read the economic profile of African countries  and investment opportunities.
Chief(Arc/Engr) Mpaka Princewill @ 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York, September, 2018
NYC Black History Day 2022:
Chief (Arc/Engr) Mpaka Princewill with Mayor Eric Adams & United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Linda Greenfield